Weight-Loss Package

The Weight Loss Package for your Dream Body
  • The Complete Bundle for Weight Loss
  • Perfectly Selected Products
  • Lose Weight Fast and Safely
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  • 1 Pack BODYSHAPE 24 (Fatburner)
  • 1 Pack APPETITE STOP (Appetite Suppressant)
  • 1 SLIM SHAKE Meal Replacement (16 Servings)
  • 1 SHAPE SHAKE (Various Flavors)
  • 1 Shaker (600ml) for free
  • 4 WEEKS Healthy Eating & Home-Workout Guides
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Lose Weight Fast and Safely

with our Weight-Loss package

Bodyshape24 – With 24-h Formula

We know how fatiguing and tiresome a diet can be. So we developed the 24-hours formula with a unique composition that makes losing weight for you a lot easier and even provides you with new energy. The red DAY-tablet activates your metabolism with highly effective substances like green tea, caffeine or bitter orange and provides you with a fresh load of energy. The NIGHT-tablet containing magnesium, vitamin B6 and raspberry ketone helps you recover and supports the fat burning process of your metabolism.

  • Enhances your metabolism
  • Energizes you with stimulating ingredients
  • Contains the magical acai berry and African mango
  • With effective superfood extracts

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Slim Shake – Vegan Meal Replacement

Losing weight has never been easier or more delicious! Our SLIM SHAKE replaces your breakfast and dinner and is 100% vegan and enriched with all nutrients that your body might need throughout the day. The delicious SLIM SHAKE was developed to particularly support people who want to lose weight fast without hitting the gym for hours at a time.

  • Consists of vegan ingredients (100% vegan and lactose free)
  • Contains all necessary vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients
  • Packaged in single portions (sachets)
  • Makes you feel full and satiated for a long time
  • Simple instructions
  • Without soy proteins–we use high quality proteins only

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Appetite Stop – For a Fast and Long-Lasting Feeling of Satiety

APPETITE STOP helps you discipline your ravenous appetite and unnecessary food cravings. The tablets, which expand in your stomach, lead to a quick and long-lasting feeling of satiety. As you already know, weight loss only happens when your calorie intake is lower than the amount of calories you burn. But especially on diets, people frequently suffer from the munchies and an annoying feeling of hunger which leads to the binge eating of high-calorie snacks and unhealthy fast foods. APPETITE STOP allows you to stick to your low-calorie diet so that you can remain in charge of your nutritional habits without always feeling hungry.

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Shape Shake – A protein shake for a slim, toned body

Our SHAPE SHAKE contains high-quality whey proteins and is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Proteins are essential to building and maintaining muscle mass. SHAPE SHAKE provides you with a long-lasting feeling of fullness and is available in four delicious flavors. Moreover, it is low in sugar and thusly an ideal substitute for a snack. SHAPE SHAKE is perfect for muscle-building and for getting a toned body.

  • Low-Carb Protein Shake
  • For a toned and slim body
  • Available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or coconut & pineapple flavor
  • Contains L-carnitins to enhance metabolism and fat burning
  • Creates a long-lasting feeling of satiety 

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4 Weeks Eating & Workout Guide

This bundle contains the 4 WEEKS EATING and the WORKOUT GUIDE (eBooks.) Stick to our instructions and maximize your success. You can repeat the content outlined in the guides multiple times. When we developed the guides, we were cautious to only use simple ingredients and to not burden you with overly fancy and complicated recipes. We also provided you with a weekly shopping list to make it easier for you to transition your eating habits. Additionally, you get instructions for standard workouts that you can easily do at home in front of the TV. This is our way to offer you 24/7 support on your way to your dream body.

  • 4 WEEKS Healthy Eating Guide
  • 4 WEEKS Low-Carb Recipes
  • 4 WEEKS Home-Workout Guide

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  • 4 WEEKS Home-Workout Guide

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