Stress Stop

Für starke Nerven & erholsamen Schlaf
  • 24h Formel für maximale Wirksamkeit
  • Lindert Symptome von übermäßigem Stress
  • Hilft Dir beim Einschlafen und Entspannen
  • Mit Baldrian, Hopfen, Passionsblume & Co
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  • 14 Tage Widerrufsrecht
  • Versand innerhalb 24 Stunden
  • Sicheres Bezahlen
  • 30 Tag-Tabletten
  • 30 Nacht-Tabletten
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Natural Support for a cool head & relaxing sleep

Many people suffer from enormous stress and experience problems with falling asleep at night. The unique DAY & NIGHT formula of STRESS STOP can help you to reduce the symptoms of excessive stress during daytime and can also assist you with falling asleep at night.

Stress at the Workplace

According to a survey of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work approximately half of all employees in Europe experience work-related stress regularly. The causes of this work-related stress are mostly time pressure, job insecurity, long or irregular working hours and many more…

What effects does stress have?

Generally speaking, time pressure is the No. 1 cause for stress. Due to stress an increasing numbers of afflictions like burnout, depression, insomnia or other chronic diseases like back pain occur. This leads for instance to a lower performance, decision making problems, work loss and long recovery periods.

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