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Slim Shake

The Vegan Meal Replacement for Weight Loss
  • Vegan Diet Shake with Coconut Flavor
  • Perfect for Quick Weight Loss
  • With Essential Vitamins and Nutrients
  • Produced in Germany
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  • 16 Servings (600 grams)
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Slim Shake for Easy Weight Loss

You really don't have the time for time-consuming diets, strict guidelines, shopping lists with obscure items etc.? Don't worry, we're here to help you. Weight loss can be easy––we invented SLIM SHAKE. If you want to lose weight without that all-encompassing feeling of hunger, you can count on SLIM SHAKE. With our vegan plant-shake you will feel quickly satiated while simultaneously reducing your calorie intake. This product was specifically developed for people who seek an uncomplicated way to lose weight and without exercising for multiple hours a day.



More Facts About Slim Shake

  • Only plant-based ingredients (100% vegan and lactose-free)
  • Contains all essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients (no deficiency symptoms)
  • Enduring feeling of fullness.
  • Specific and easy instructions
  • Does not contain soy – only high-quality proteins

Sounds too good to be true? How does this work?

For up to four weeks you substitute breakfast and dinner with a SLIM SHAKE – only at lunchtime you have your normal meal (not necessarily fries or burgers, but something nutritious). One shake only has about 250 kcal – hence you will maintain a calorie deficiency and your body will start to burn fat instead of saving it. Nevertheless you won't suffer from hunger pangs as the delicious SLIM SHAKE will give you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Furthermore, it supplies your body with everything it needs – so you'll definitely avoid any deficiencies. Now you can lose weight effectively and easy! You only have to discipline yourself a little bit.

What's inside the Slim Shake?

Here you'll find information about the plant-based ingredients.

Pflanzliches Protein

In unserem Slim Shake verwenden wir nur das hochwertigste Protein aus Reis und Erbsen. Diese Zutaten sind zu 100% pflanzlich und vegan. Wir haben uns bewusst dazu entschlossen, kein minderwertiges Soja-Protein zu verwenden!


Plant-based Protein

Our SLIM SHAKE only consists of high quality protein derived from rice and peas. Our ingredients are 100% plant-based and therefore vegan––we consciously decided against low quality soy proteins!


The SLIM SHAKE is naturally sweetened with healthy coconut sugar and enriched with high quality coconut powder for its taste.


From chicory we obtained the inulin fibre. Inulin is very healthy and is responsible for an enduring feeling of satiety. As always, we only use the best plant-based ingredients.

Linoleum Acid

Like our CLA softgel capsules SLIM SHAKE also contains the healthy linoleum acid – obtained from safflower oil and 100% vegetarian. Linoleum acid is a very healthy and important fatty acid.


What about the Yoyo-Effect? Will I start gaining weight immediately after I stop taking Slim Shake?

After a maximum of four weeks, during which you substituted two meals a day with a SLIM SHAKE, you only substitute dinner with a shake (for the next two to four weeks). That way you slowly "wean yourself off" SLIM SHAKE and get your body used to a normal diet again. Consequently, you be spared of experiencing the dreaded yoyo-effect. Nevertheless we recommend to stick to a nutritious and healthy diet in order to maintain your desired weight for as long as possible.

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