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Fat Stop

Bindet Fette aus der Nahrung
  • Ideal for Christmas Times
  • Reduces the Calorie Intake from Dietary Fats
  • With Chitosan, Zinc & Vitamin C
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Binds fats in your food

and reduces your calorie intake

Chitosan is of natural origin, is obtained from crustaceans and can bind fats (lipids). As chitosan has a positive ionic charge, while fats in our intestines are of negative charge, it is able to bind multiple times its own weight in fats. Fat that is not absorbed by your body will be eliminated and not digested. So, FAT STOP binds dietary fats from fatty meals and makes your body eliminate them undigested.

You want to lose weight more successfully?

Everyone who has ever tried to lose a little bit of weight knows it: You have been through hundreds of diets, tried to eat healthy and low-calorie and even exercised relatively regularly. Nevertheless, from time to time you just cannot control your appetite anymore. It might be your best friend’s birthday and there’s that delicious ice cream cake. It might be after work when you and your colleagues go to try out the new burger joint and simply cannot resists getting an entire serving of fries on your own? Yes, unfortunately there are unhealthy fats at every corner. It is easy to yield to temptation, but with FAT STOP it's going to be OK. FAT STOP is your optimal companion for getting rid of fats undigested and lowering your calorie intake.

What is FAT STOP is good for?

Sometimes we just cannot resist fast food and eating unhealthy snacks or indulge in that pint of ice cream. However, if you have FAT STOP with you, you can leave your guilty conscience and all other bad feelings at home. We developed FAT STOP to minimize the consequences of fatty food and to help your body to eliminate the fats it does not need in an undigested form, which will spare you the calories. As its compounded of natural ingredients, FAT STOP is healthy and good for your body.

Facts about FAT STOP

  • Without sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • GMO free
  • With vitamin C & zinc
  • Suitable for diabetics

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and is a colour- and odourless, crystalline, solid substance with a sour taste. Vitamin C is usually contained in fruits and vegetables. Particularly citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as a radical scavenger and has anti-oxidant properties. Within the human body, vitamin C contributes to a healthy metabolism.

Eating with FAT STOP

  • Parts of the dietary fats are bound before they get into your metabolism.
  • Much of the fat and chitosan is eliminated undigested.
  • Have a feast without feeling bad afterwards.

Eating without FAT STOP

  • Feeling unbearably stuffed
  • You'll soon see your indulgences on your hips
  • Your trousers get to tight and you secretly need to open your button when you sit down

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