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CLA Softgel Kapseln

Supports Your Diet
  • Natural Fatty Acid (Omega 6)
  • Supports your Diät
  • One Jar for One Month
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  • 100 gel capsules (monthly pack)
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Conjugated Linoleum Acid

- Supports Your Diet

The abbreviation CLA stands for conjugated linoleum acid. CLA belongs to the group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are vital for our body. Conjugated linoleum acid can be found mostly in meat (beef, lamb), milk and other dairy products. However, the average European only consumes 300mg conjugated linoleum acid a day. CLA is a simple, healthy and reasonable alternative to fatty foods. As nutrition supplement, our CLA CAPSULES are ideal for healthy and conscious weight loss. The recommended duration of intake is 6-8 weeks.

100% natural – CLA made of safflower oil

The conjugated linoleum acid of GET IN SHAPE is 100% plant-based. It is extracted from safflowers through an innovative process.

  • Free of allergens that can trigger an allergy or intolerance (acc. to EU regulation). That means gluten free, lactose free etc.
  • Without artificial colouring agents or flavourings
  • High bioavailability
  • Produced in Europe

Who can use CLA?

CLA capsules are used by many people as a supportive product while dieting or while building muscle mass. Studies suggest that CLA in combination with protein and fat metabolism leads to a reduction of fat and an increase of muscle mass. Hence CLA is also used by athletes and weightlifters.

Why CLA?

  • Optimal support during diet and defining phases
  • Perfect alternative to fatty foods
  • Ideal for exercise: perfect for athletes of all kinds

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