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Appetite Stop

Makes Weight Loss Easier
  • Scientifically Proven Effect
  • Leads to Weight Loss
  • 1 g Active Agent per Tablet (not just 0.5g)
  • Premium Quality: Produced in Germany
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  • 60 Tablets with 1 g Glucomannan each (Monthly Pack)
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For Long-Lasting Feeling of Satiety

instead of Binge Eating Attacks

APPETITE STOP helps you discipline your ravenous appetite and unnecessary food cravings. The tablets, which expand in your stomach, lead to a quick and long-lasting feeling of satiety. As you already know, weight loss only happens when your calorie intake is lower than the amount of calories you burn. But especially on diets, people frequently suffer from the munchies and a feeling of hunger which leads to their binge eating of high-calorie snacks and unhealthy fast foods. APPETITE STOP allows you to stick to your low-calorie diet so that you can remain in charge of your nutritional habits without always feeling hungry.

What are the ingredients of APPETITE STOP and how do they work?

The fibre “glucomannan”, sometimes also called “konjak mannan”, gets its name from the Southeast Asian konjac root. Due to its unique water binding properties, glucomannan is used as a saturator. Hence, it needs to be taken with liquid. When the tablets are digested, they set free glucommanan fibres. Once in the stomach, the fibres grow in volume and “expand” if there is a sufficient amount of liquid (preferably water) around.  They produce a slowly digestible “gel” which then leads to a pleasant feeling of being full. The effectiveness of glucomannan for physical well being was tested and confirmed by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Our Slogan: Just the best Ingredients

In order to get solely raw materials of the highest possible quality, we only obtain those from certified suppliers. Other producers usually offer just 0.5 grams glucomannan tablets. We consciously decided to produce 1 gram glucomannan tablets because this enables us to guarantee the best possible effect. Although this may increase our production costs, the results achieved by our customers underpin our decision.


Our product BODYSHAPE+ contains additional to the popular Day- and Night-tablets also 30 APPETITE STOP tablets. This package is perfect for you if you want to get rid of your food cravings and enhance your metabolism.


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