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The Get in Shape Point System

our way to help you save money

We're glad that you enjoy GET IN SHAPE and would like to support you on your way to your goals on a long term basis. That's why loyal customers can earn Points to collect which you can eventually redeem for a discount on our products. You only need to get a free account with GET IN SHAPE to start collecting. You can register via the link above! 

Engaging with GET IN SHAPE can get you points in many different ways.

You can easily earn GET IN SHAPE-points through any of the following activities: 

  • Shopping online: You get 1 point for every 10 euros you spend
  • Subscribe to our newsletter: 10 Points
  • Recommend GET IN SHAPE to friends: 25 Points
  • Writing a review of a product you purchased: 10 Points

10 points convert to 1 Euro on your point account. You can take a look at your current point balance anytime on your account.

Saving is easy–have fun collecting points!

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