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Who or what is behind GET IN SHAPE?

This is Our Story

Get in Shape was founded 2015 by Manuel Wagner and the pharmacist Andreas Berger. For both cofounders sports and fitness has always been very important. Together they realized their vision and developed effective high-end products for improving our health.

In-House Development

All our product formulas are developed and tested in-house – the actual production is done in cooperation with one of Europe’s leading producers of nutrition supplements. As our producer is GMP certified, we can guarantee that the whole production process matches the highest qualitative and environmental standards. Additionally, GMP ensures that all Get in Shape products have the purity, composition, and contents that are on their respective labels.

Quality matters!

We only want the best for you and your body. At Get in Shape the quality and purity of our products have top priority – thus all of our raw material suppliers are carefully tested and selected. We do not want to offer the cheapest, but the best products on the market. Particularly with nutrition supplements it is of crucial importance that the naturalness and organic nature of ingredients is preserved.

We consciously do not engage in the discount market – we only sell high quality products that we would and do use ourselves.

Our research and production are ongoing processes. While scientists and biologists discover more and more about the human body, we at Get in Shape are continuously working on adapting our products to all of the body's profound and intricate processes. We are constantly optimizing our formulas in order to find out the optimal one for each individual customer.

You can also purchase Get in Shape products in Austrian pharmacies (it goes without saying that our products match pharmacy quality). Our market launch 2015 was very successful. As a result we invested in more ideas and a bigger team and had a relaunch in spring 2017. Together with our customers and partners, which all are a part of the Get in Shape family, we are looking forward to the future.

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